I first met Sue Cheng at an open house she was hosting in our Waverly Park neighborhood. It was clear she was such a dedicated professional, so we decided to enlist her services when we were ready to sell. It was the best decision we ever made. She has an exceptional eye for what needs to be done (painting, landscaping, lighting, etc.) to show off a home at its best. We hesitated with some of her suggestions, but eventually relented, and we’re so glad we did. By following her sage advice, we got three offers and sold at $300k over asking price! Sue leaves no detail undone and is more dedicated than any other realtor I’ve met over the course of more than ten different real estate transactions. I would definitely use her again.

M. Ruehsen

Over the couple months we worked together, Sue completely changed our impression towards buyer agents, showing us how resourceful and vital a good agent could be in the process. When we started looking for a new home, given our budget and requirements, we doubted if we could find a home in Los Altos school area. But through her analysis of historical data and her previous records as a buyer/listing agent, Sue showed us that it was possible. She outlined a few target areas that we should pay attention to, and we setup a filter on Redfin and started waiting.

A few weeks went by and we went to quite a lot of  open houses, Sue never pushed us to make a decision. Instead, she always gave us insight on the house, helping us compare the pros and cons of each house with an estimate of the market price. She showed us that there are tons of factors to consider for each house: traffic, direction, internal structure, condition, ease of remodeling, history, neighborhood, etc. This is where having a right agent is crucial. Good agents can find the critical points that actually matter in the chaotic stream of information, summarizing the key factors to help the buyer come to a decision as well as providing an accurate estimate of the final price. With all this said, Sue has excelled in this aspect.

One day, Sue showed us an off market deal that was in our price range. The location and floor plan really worked for our family, and it was located at one of the best streets in the area. Since it was an off market listing, the negotiation process was long. But Sue’s expertise in this area and strong negotiation skills shined again. After three rounds of back and forth,  we finally got the house at a very reasonable price.  We feel so lucky to have chosen Sue as our agent.

The story usually ends here, but for us it doesn’t. After the deal closed, Sue also spent lots of time working with us on remodel plan. Her experience as a designer really helped us a lot. When we had  trouble to get our plan approved, Sue went to fight for us, and with her great effort our plan eventually got approved. In the process of remodeling, she provided us with so much useful information. Since she’s flipped and built new houses, she has a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge to share with us.

Overall, our experience with Sue was nothing but very very positive. We’ve never seen any agent as diligent as her. She is honest and trustworthy, someone who truly cares about her clients.  We’ve been recommending her to our friends and colleagues. She is extremely resourceful and experienced, but more than that, she shows enormous amounts of compassion and dedication to her clients.

Z. X.

“We met Sue at an open house in Los Altos. At that time, we weren’t quite sure about what the market looked like and what direction we should head in. However, Sue’s insight in this area immediately impressed us, and her straight-to-the-point style earned our trust right at the first meeting. Our first impression of her turned out to be right. Sue’s passion and diligence is truly unbelievable, and her dedication to servicing the client is unparalleled. She helped us understand what we really wanted and needed while also providing us with various options and unbiased analysis. With her resourcefulness and excellent market sense, Sue finally found us an excellent off market deal that was not only affordable, but was also a prime location with access to great schools. The closing process went extraordinarily smooth and as we settled into our new home we were getting numerous tips from Sue about the area, things we wouldn’t have known or considered before. We are extremely satisfied and grateful for Sue’s tremendous help. If we were to buy a home in this area again, we would choose Sue again without hesitation.”

– R. Y.

“Not too long ago, the idea of selling a house and then buying a house within a half-year span felt like mission impossible. Fortunately, we met Sue, who helped us sail through the transactions smoothly. She knows the Los Altos-Palo Alto-Mountain View market very well and always has great insights that can only come from someone who lives and breathes the local real estate market. She is extremely responsive, and pays excellent attention to detail. Most importantly, she always has her clients’ needs in mind, as evidenced by the fact that she never pushed us to make a decision. She gave us balanced and objective assessments of the pros and cons and stepped back to give us space to discuss and make decisions. When she put our house on market, she was handling the entire process for us: painting, refinishing the wood floor, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, landscaping and staging. We are so pleased with her total transformation of our home. The house looks amazing after her renovation. Our overall experience with Sue was superb, and we are very happy with our new home that she helped us purchasing.”

– H. X.

Our family moved from Another city in the summer of 2018. We owned a house there, bought and sold. We thought we have enough knowledge to buy another house in the Bay Area. After we met Sue Cheng, we found that we were wrong. Looking back now in the fall of 2019, you can see clearly how crazy the 2018 market was. Multiple offers and crazy bids on every house. We were in a hurry to hop on the bandwagon with the others, trying to make crazy offers. I can still remembered the day we met Sue. She seemed to know that we were in a hurry. But her gentle and confident voice told us that the crazier the market, the more you have to have your own standards and principles. She told us to be patient, and the oppotunity would come.

We calmed down and followed her instructions in our house hunting. After two months and seeing houses every weekend, there were 2 to 3 houses that met our criteria and we wanted Sue to make an offer. Sue asked us to hold on. She knew I was sensitive to noise, and she came to see the house at different time of the day to help me get a real traffic report. Instead of pushing us to buy, Sue helped us to understand pros and cons for every house we are interested. It was very important progress. With a guideline and a clear picture, we had a different view to see each open house. Finally, we found one in a great location and a good price. Sue had incredible strategies to get the right price for us. It’s not easy to tell our whole bidding story in just a couple of sentences. But we know for sure that Sue truly put her heart into our purchase process. 

During the remodeling progress, Sue always give us a lot of terrific suggestions and resources. Her great taste as a designer helped us a lot as well. We were lucky to meet Sue, she is a wonderful person, a great agent, we are so glad that we chose her as our realtor.

J. W.

We worked with Sue in the past few months to sell and buy houses. Overall working with Sue has been a great experience and we would love the opportunity to continue working with her in the future. She has been insight into the market and always provides the most professional suggestions in the process. As a resident of Los Altos for decade, Sue knows the housing market in Los Altos and its surrounding areas very well. Among so many listings she can always find the ones that meet our needs best and provide the pros and cons for us to consider. In the process of selling and buying houses, she demonstrates her determination and ability to maximum the benefits for clients. She pays attention to each detail to make sure things get delivered in perfect manner. In our case, she handled the timing of selling and buying very carefully to make the transition as smooth as possible. Most importantly, she is an agent of integrity that values honest and trustworthy ahead of personal gain. Sue raises the bar for anyone who wants to call themselves a real estate agent and we would highly recommend her without any reservation.

– S. L.