Recent Sales

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Fordham Ct, Mountain View

Quiet street, Sold at $2,910,000

Raymundo Ave, Los Altos

Huge Lot in quiet neighborhood, Sold at $4,080,000

Cherry Ave, Los Altos

Large lot in prestigious North Los Altos, Sold at $3,450,000

Mesa Ct, Palo Alto

Big lot, Sold at $3,500,000

Bryant Street, Palo Alto

Very Good Deal for New Development, Sold at $2,725,000

Robinhood Lane, Los Altos

Brand New Construction on a Quiet Street, Sold at $5,380,000

Queensbury Ave, Los Altos

Great Deal on A Quiet Court with Large Lot, Sold at $3,280.000

Via Heurta, Los Altos

Great Opportunity On A Large 14000+ lot, Sold at $2,975,000

Walter Hayes Dr, Palo Alto

Quiet street in North Palo Alto, Sold at $3,650,000

Annette Way, Los Altos

Sold for $3,500,000 on a tree-lined street

Anita Way, Millbrae

Sold at $2,600,000 with 8 offers

Carmelita Dr, Mountain View

Sold off-market at $4,650,000

Marilyn Dr, Mountain View

Move-in ready house sold off-market at $3,190,000

Silvia Dr, Los Altos

Sold $3,780,000

South Ct, Palo Alto

Sold for $3,398,000

Frontenac Ave, Sunnyvale

Sold for $3,220,000

Ashbourne Dr, Sunnyvale

Sold for 2,950,000

Paco Dr, Los Altos

Sold for $6,850,000

Ramon Drive, Los Altos

Sold at $4,265,000 with preemptive offer

Miravelle Ave, Los Altos

Sold at 4,600,000, represent buyer with preemptive offer

San Pablo Ave, Mountain View

Sold $2,000,000 with multiple offers

Barbara Ave, Mountain View

Sold $4,030,000 with multiple offers

Shauna Lane, Palo Alto

Sold at $2,850,000 in quiet street near Gunn High school, represent buyer.

Encina Grande, Palo Alto


Yerba Santa, Los Altos

Sold for $5,100,000 at Prestigious North Los Altos Street.

Bryant St, Palo Alto

Newer construction. Sold at $5,000,000.

Hollingsworth, Mountain View

Quiet street with all Los Altos schools. Sold at $3,600,000.

Iris Way, Palo Alto

Tree-lined street. Sold $3,244,000.

Eastbrook, Los Altos

More than one acre lot sold for $3,990,000.

Stanley Way, Los Altos

Large lot in quiet street, sold for $4,190,000.

Shady Spring, Mountain View

Sold for $510K over asking price at $3,990,000. Represented seller.

Crescent Drive, Palo Alto

Sold for $5,700,000.

Xanadu, Fremont

Sold for $210K over asking price with seven offers. Represent seller.

Tree-lined street in North Los Altos

Sold off-market for $3,150,000. Represented buyer.

Crescent Park, Palo Alto

Sold off-market for $3,650,000. Represented buyer.

Robinhood Lane, Los Altos

Sold off-market for $2,438,000. Represented buyer.

Casita, Los Altos

Sold off-market for $3,480,000. Represented buyer.

Del Monte, Los Altos

Asking $2,750,000. Sold $2,550,000. Represented buyer.

Myrtle, Sunnyvale

Sold at $1,610,000 with multiple offers

St Giles, Mountain View

Sold at $3,900,000 with multiple offers

Rockpoint, Los Altos

Sold at $3,480,000.

Oakdell, Menlo Park

Sold $4,320,000.

Bryant Street, Palo Alto

Brand new construction in Mid town. Asking $3,998,000. Sold $3,950,000, represent buyer.

Springer Terrace, Los Altos

Asking $2,895,000. Sold $2,920,000

Hamilton, Palo Alto

Sold for $4,750.000.

Arboleda, Los Altos

Sold for $3,170,000.

Waverley Park, Mountain View

Sold for $3,050,000 with 7 offers.

South Court, Palo Alto

South Court, Palo Alto. Price: $3,220,000

Jessie Lane, Mountain View

Four units, great rental. Sold for $2,300,000.

Walnut Drive, Mountain View

Off-market sale. Sold for $2,670,000. Best deal.

Lloyd Way, Mountain View

Sold for $2,120,000.

Langton Ave, Los Altos

Sold for $2,810,000.

Fordham, Mountain View

Off-market sale. Sold for $2,400,000.

Cozette, Cupertino

Price: $2,320,000.

Los Ninos, Los Altos

Sold for $2,870,000.

N Avalon, Los Altos

Sold for $3,350,000.

Vista Grande, Millbrae

Sold for $1,570,000.

Park Blvd, Palo Alto

Asking: $2,590,000. Sold: $2,000,000. Represent buyer.

Gronwall, Los Altos

Asking: $3,500,000. Sold for $3,250,000. Represent buyer

Monroe, Mountain View

Asking: $2,490,000. Sold for $2,570,000. Represent seller.